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Here are some frequently asked questions regarding the Strikers experience. If you have a question, please contact us at  [email protected] and the answer will be added to our list:

Question: What is "playing up"? 

Answer: As tryout time draws near, you may hear the term "playing up."  Playing up is when a family feels their player is better than the other players are their own age group and feel they are better served playing with an older age group. Sometimes players "play up" to play with their classmates at their own grade level if they are young for their grade. 

Question: How do I know if I signed up for autopay for my upcoming payments?

Answer: To find out if you have signed up for autopay, or to find out what credit card will be changed, login to your child's Gotsoccer account.  All of this information is available in your child's profile.  If you do not remember your child's username or password, contact  Sue Constantine, the club registrar, and she can send you an email through Gotsoccer.  When you receive an email through Gotsoccer, all your login information will be at the bottom of the email.

Question: Why do I get charged late fees? 

Answer: During certain times during the calendar year, when changes are made to rosters, game schedules or other information that has to be changed with our parent organization, Grand Valley Soccer Association (GVSA), late fees are incurred from GVSA.  Lakeshore Soccer Club then charges families must be responsible for them.  Lakeshore Soccer Club makes every effort to alert families and teams of upcoming due dates with GVSA, but it is best to always check the the schedule at for current due dates.

Question: Who can be on the sidelines of a game?

Answer: ONLY the rostered Coach, Assistant Coach and Team Manager along with the rostered players may be on the sidelines during a game.  It is very important that all parents, family and friends stay on the opposite side of the field.

Question:  Can players wear any color Under Armour or compression clothing?

Answer: Yes!  There is no regulation about the color of compression clothing but black is a good standard.  Remember though!  Everything else much match the team, including socks or your child may not be allowed to play.

Question: Is the team required to pay for the coaches' hotel room for tournaments?

Answer: It is customary for the team to pay for the Coach and/or the Assistant Coaches' hotel rooms if they do not have a child on the team.  However, it is up to the team to make that decision.

Question:  What do we do if we have issues on our team?

Answer: If there are disagreements on a team, specifically with parents, contact the Parent Liaison, Tana Schaendorf.  The Parent Liaison is available to assist teams with any complaints or issues that come up throughout the year.  Tana's email address is:  [email protected]


It takes many parent volunteers to run Lakeshore Soccer Club.  Lakeshore Soccer Club is a Mostly VOLUNTEER organization, and without parents that give of their time and talent, there would be no Lakeshore Soccer Club.  And the best part is, not all jobs require any knowledge of soccer!  Here are some of the opportunities that are available:

  • 3v3 Tournament Volunteer- Lakeshore SC holds a tournament each July to raise funds for our scholarship program.  It takes many volunteers to hold this exciting, one-day event. Volunteering is easy for this event!  It is only a commitment of a couple of hours on a single day!  If you would like to help with the tournament, contact the Tournament Director listed under the Board link of this website.

  • Board Member- Board Member positions vary in time commitment and skills needed, but most positions do not require soccer knowledge. If you would like to be considered for a board position, contact the Club President listed under the Board link of this website. Let them know you are interested in joining the executive board, and what skills you have to offer! There a a couple paid positions on the board. 


  • Parent Representative- Each team will have one parent to fill this role.  The parent representative has two responsibilities.  First of all, they vote on the Board slate in January when a new Lakeshore Soccer Club Executive Board is assembled for the new calendar year.  They are also the person other parents come to when there are problems on the team.  The parent representative can choose to solve those problems on their own, or can involve the appropriate Board Members to solve the problem.

  • Team Manager- This is a great job for a parent that wants to help even if they have no soccer experience.  All you need is a willingness to help and maybe some organization skills.  This person does all the paperwork for a team.  They communicate with the Club Registrar and the parents on the team.   This job gets busy a couple times of the year, but most of the time does not take too much time.

  • Tournament Coordinator- This person assists the team manager with coordinating the team's tournament(s).  Sometimes this job is also done by the manager.  More often than not, the tournament coordinator pays up front for a tournament and collects individual amounts  owed from families.

  • Assistant Coach- This position also requires soccer skills and is a paid position.  Assistant Coaches are generally chosen by the Head Coach of a team.  If you are interested in assisting a coach, contact our Director of Coaching, Aaron Dean or our the Coaching Liaison listed under the Board link of this website.


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