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General Information

A team manager is an important part of the team.  As a manager you will help the coach with the details during the season.

See the link before for all Team Manager information. 

Tips for Managers

Paying the Referees

Prior to the start of each season, you will receive a check from Lakeshore SC to cover the payment of referees at your home games.

TIP: Request the denominations you need when you go to the bank to cash the check. For example, if you need $25 for your center ref and $10 for each AR, you'll need 1-$20, 2-$10s and 1-$5 for each game.

TIP: Place the appropriate funds in each of the envelopes provided for the home games (see Game Reports)

Risk Management

Risk Management Cards:  Each coach, assistant coach and manager needs to have a risk management card. The date of the last Risk Management certification is listed on the Pass Card and highlighted in yellow, but you still need to keep a copy of the card with your team's documentation.

I keep a laminated copy of the Risk Management card for each coach/assistant coach/manager on the ring with the Pass Cards.

Submitting the Scores

After a game has been played, the score must be reported to GVSA through the site. The winning team is responsible for reporting the score. In the event of a tie, the home team must report the score.

Before your season begins, decide with the coach who will report the score. If it is decided that the manager will report, plan to confirm the score after the game with the coach. The score is reported on the game sheet kept by the referees during the game and that sheet is signed by the coach at the end of the game so it is a good way to double check the score if there is a question.

To report a score, you must go to the GVSA site ( and click on the 'Schedules, Results & Standings' option. Select the current season and the age group/division (ex. U14 Boys 2nd Division). Once the list of games populates, click on the game number for which you are reporting the score. You should be given the option to enter a score for each team.

If there is an error in the score, click on the game number and choose the 'Change Incorrect Score' option. Only the original submitter can change a score.

Player Cards

Player cards (Pass Cards):  These cards identify each Player/Coach/Assistant Coach/Manager authorized by GVSA for your team. The player cards need to have the photo of the individual named attached in the space on the right hand side of the card. Some of the cards come printed with the photos if parents have uploaded a photo in Gotsoccer, but in some cases are outdated or are full body shots and not suitable for identification. Once you have a photo on each card, you are ready to laminate them. Staples offers laminating services and I think VerDuin's (on Washington in GH) does, too.

After the cards have been laminated and cut apart, they are ready to be punched and placed on a metal ring to use for the season.


Photos for the Player Cards:
Lakeshore SC requests that each player bring a 1 x 1 photo to registration night. A small pic from their school pictures works.  I typically tell parents not to worry about the photo and catch the players on the first or second night of practice for a quick photo. That way I can cut, crop and print them all together and in a uniform size.

Medical Release Forms

Many tournaments request copies of this form at check-in.

Here's what I do:
Once I have all the completed forms together, I make at least two copies. One copy I give to the coach to keep in his coaching bag in case of an emergency. I put the coach's copy in a large envelope/plastic folder - preferably something durable. The second copy I keep with me along with the originals. I use the copy for tournament check-ins but keep the originals close just in case they request to see them.

Shutterfly Team Sites

A Shutterfly Team Site is really a great tool for a manager to use. It's easy for families to find all the information for the team in one place - snack schedules, game schedules, team communications can all be pushed out through Shutterfly. I have used the site now for a few years to manage teams and find it much easier than other methods.

Here's how to get started:
Go to and if you don't have one already, create your account. Then, click on the share tab and then the create a share site button. The site will walk you through designing your page and entering all of your team information.

This site is a huge time saver for managers!

Re-scheduling a game

If you need to reschedule a game, there are many factors to consider: Please see, GVSA Rules, section J for further information.

  • It will cost your team $100
  • Re-scheduling a game PRIOR to approval takes several weeks to arrange
  • GVSA requires approval of the Game Reschedule Request and will take at least 1 week prior to the game being played
  •  Will only be approved under Extenuating circumstances
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